Inferiority complex, superiority complex, humility

A painting of a standing horse
What we want to attain is confident humility | Image source: Džoko Stach

We become blinded by arrogance when we’re utterly convinced of our strengths and our strategies. We get paralyzed by doubt when we lack conviction in both. We can be consumed by an inferiority complex when we know the right method but feel uncertain about our ability to execute it. What we want to attain is confident humility: having faith in our capability while appreciating that we may not have the right solution or even be addressing the right problem. That gives us enough doubt to reexamine our old knowledge and enough confidence to pursue new insights.

Adam Grant, Think Again




Judge less; you’re no better than anyone
Judge less; you’re no better than anyone | Photo source: Freepik

One attitude you may never master is that of not judging or criticizing other people. You do well at it in a situation, you find yourself falling short in another.

But you can always apologize.

Yes, when you find yourself going extremes on people, be sorry and say and show that you’re sorry— because you’re only different from them; you’re no better than anyone.

And this doesn’t mean you don’t rebuke or correct wrongs. It rather means that when you rebuke or correct, you do so with an attitude to help — not to vilify or belittle anyone.

Remember, you’re only different from people — and not better than anybody.

Be civil. And judge less.



I believe | Photo source: Greg Rakozy

If the elemental constituents of the entire universe belong to the one whom I call Lord, then I believe.

I believe His love for me to be true.
I believe He’s wise enough to have mandated directives on how to walk His earth in the Scriptures.
I believe He cares about me and every detail… that every prayer I ever prayed was heard.
And I believe He wills and wants good for me more than I can ever will and want for myself… that His answers to my requests could be No sometimes and Not yet sometimes.

Yeah, I believe. I truly do.